Friday, August 5, 2011


. . . . USONIAN HOUSES!!  

In his desire to create a style that was uniquely American, Frank Lloyd Wright took inspirations from the landscape of the country in the 1930's to create what he felt was a reflection of the more casual direction of the American home life.   

With a more open floor plan and no formal living room, Wright was able to cut costs to create a well-designed home that the average American could afford.  

It's rare to come across a Frank Lloyd Wright Usonian home for sale as most of them are still inhabited by the original owners - such a testament to his brilliant mind!!

Hope you've enjoyed!

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All images via Apartment Therapy


Joy Velociraptor? said...

Wow. This home is gorgeous. The use of glass and various material for the walls to creature texture differences... amazing!

Maryam said...

I agree, I LOVE the Usonian style!!


xoxo, Maryam