Thursday, June 9, 2011


. . . NOT AT HOME!! 

It's NO SECRET that Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne know how to live beautifully!  I watched their show The Osbournes religiously to gawk at their beautiful Beverly Hills home and now I'm in LOVE with their new Hidden Hills home designed by Martyn Lawrence. 

 This exquisite foyer features Edelman Leather-covered custom made portar's chairs, a 19th century French table and a Bronze Hand sculpture by British Arist Marc Quinn.    The high-gloss black stair-case contrasts beautifully with the sea-foam-colored chairs and gold from the table!!  The pink flowers add the perfect pop of color to this airy white space!

The black Venetian-plastered walls are BRILLIANT for the landing upstairs!!  I LOVE the gold antique chandelier against the black walls - PERFECT!!

Super comfortable living room!

Sliding Barn Doors found at American Garage.

My favorite room in the house - LOVE  . . . 
the cross-top bottles from Maxfield on the mantle, the de Gournay wall-paper, the silk-chiffon drapes, all the orchids, the 19th century French antique chandelier, the sconces . . . not to mention ALL the furniture!

Of course . . .  a 19th century Venetian Mirror in the dining room as well!!


Breakfast table over-looking mountains off in the distance!

It appears they won't have any noise complaints in this home . . .  

Stairway leading to Ozzy's home studio.

Sharon's Desk - Ozzy's 1994 Grammy, 2002 Emmy for their show, black and white photos, lots of silver, pop of pink - SO LOVELY!!

Love all the black and white fashion photos with the comfy white slip-covered sofa!!  And again, a POP of pink!!  The pink looks PERFECT with the all the blue, gold and black around the house!!

The Lavender Bedroom . . . 

Marie Antoinette Chaise

Candide Tub and Julia Fittings - Carrara Marble - Clamshell Bowl - French Antique Mirror, French Antique sconce and chandelier

I LOVE the Osbourne's -- they are hilariously entertaining, have AMAZING taste in interior design and seem to be normal good-hearted individuals!!   

Much love, 

All images via Architectural Digest 


Marco Medrano said...

Maryam! All those lovely images and concepts. Enjoyed the escape through your exquisite taste. Such eye candy. :)

Maryam said...

Thanks Marco!! I've had so much fun doing this - I'm glad you're enjoying!!